Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Israel must pay

We're pulling the ambassador.We're not pulling the ambassador. We might pull the ambassador. We're probably not pulling the ambassador. I want to pull the ambassador but they won't let me. PULL THE BLOODY AMBASSADOR! Who said anything about pulling the ambassador? The Ambassador: Nobody said anything to me about being pulled. We may yet pull the ambssador you know. Truth be told, we thought about pulling the ambassador but then decided against it. No, we didn't just change our minds, we got some phonecalls and they were very convincing. Besides they apologised.

No we didn't apologise we expressed sorrow. But that's the same thing. No it's not. Yes it is. No it's not. Yes it is. NO IT'S NOT!

Apologising admists guilt and takes responsibility sorrow is the feeling you get if you see a dead cat on the street, regardless of whether it was you who killed it or not. Ok, so they didn't apologise, by they offered a joint investigation in return for not pulling the ambassador and we're going to get right to the bottom of this.

Joint investigation? Offered? No we didn't. Here are the results of our own investigation and they say it's all your fault.

So final results: No pulling of ambassador. No apology. No joint investigation.


Nothing that is, apart from five Egyptian corpses.

And it's really difficult not to blame SCAF for this. Really difficult not to be extremely angry at them for allowing the Americans and the Israelis to dictate to us what reaction is appropriate.

I am angry that five of my countrymen were shot dead in cold blood by the bloody Israeli army and that they are getting away with it Scot-free. I don't believe for a second their story about how it happened, but I am much less angry at them than I am at SCAF.

It seems the government wanted to pull the ambassador and SCAF refused after receiving pressure calls from the Americans and the Israelis. But what SCAF and consequently Israel and the US need to understand is that there are 85 million of us now who will not allow the times when a phone call to Hosny could solve everything, to return.

The time when Hosny was acting likr he owned the land and the people on it is over. We will not allow SCAF to continue the same defeatist scenarios of the past when Israel routinely trampled our national dignity wwith complete impunity.